Treatment Guidelines

What to know when receiving massage and bodywork

New Clients should arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes early for the appointment. This gives you time to check in, fill out paperwork, discuss your goals with the therapist and allow the therapist to conduct a thorough assessment.  Returning clients should arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment to allow time to discuss any changes with therapist and to undress and get onto the table.

You will usually undress completely for massage and body treatments, but your therapist will keep your body draped only expose area to be worked upon. If your massage involves lots of stretching, clinical or connective tissue massage, you may be asked to wear a pair gym shorts if you are a man or gym shorts and a sports bra if you are a woman. For Thai Yoga Massage sessions wear comfortable clothes that you could work out in.

Feel open to give the therapist feedback as to your comfort, what you are feeling, and troubled areas during the massage. You can talk or be quiet, and your therapist will follow your lead

Relax, enjoy and allow others to care for you.

Understand that you are getting therapeutic massage, which is not a sensual experience.

Do not bring children and leave them unattended.

When the therapist says, “take your time getting up,” it means not to get up too fast that you get dizzy. A massage or body treatment can put you in a state of deep relaxation, so take a moment or two to take some deep breaths while transitioning off the table.  Do try to be mindful of the time, as the room must be prepared for the next client. You can always fix hair and make-up in the bathroom after you have checked out.

Give honest feedback to the therapist, we would to know if your experience with the massage and body treatments was as expected.